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Which are some of the most popular dog breeds in the US?

There’s no denying that US residents love dogs. There are millions of dogs in the entire country, all of them of various breeds. But as you can imagine, some of the breeds are more popular than others. Yet this does bring in the question, what dog breeds can you usually find in the US?

Labrador Retrievers

The Labrador Retrievers are so popular in the US that you can at least find one of them in any large neighborhood. This goes to show just how impressive and unique these astounding animals really are. They are great for search and rescue, not to mention these dogs are dependable and super smart.

Welsh Corgi

The Welsh Corgi is a small herding dog originating from Wales. But it’s super popular in the US right now, and that’s mostly thanks to its small size and the lack of major maintenance requirements. They are very friendly, good with kids and just fun to have around. They do have a very thick, dense coat and they resist various diseases. That alone makes them an incredible option if you want a great pet.

English Bull Terrier

What a lot of people like about the English Bull Terrier is that it’s a sweet-tempered breed. They are loyal, muscular and honest. They are fully determined and focused on the task at hand, however, they don’t have a ton of energy. While the English Bull Terrier might be slacking at times, he is quite active when compared to other pets.


It’s hard to not like a cute dog like this. These hefty, muscular pets are visually impressive, but at the same time they are super loyal and have a pacific demeanor. Despite seeming very angry and dangerous, bulldogs are courageous, friendly and they can be a great pet for kids and families as a whole!

German Shepherd Dogs

There are lots of reasons why you may want German Shepherd Dogs. First, these are amazing animals known for their obedience, trainability, and intelligence. They are extremely good for police tasks, yet at the same time, a lot of people with disabilities use them as well.

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are great for hunting, yet at the same time, they are also very playful, smart and patient. All of these traits make the Golden Retriever a very good pet, and you should definitely consider adopting/getting one.

French Bulldogs

Despite their small size, there’s no denying that French Bulldogs have an extraordinary appeal. They are great with kids, playful and also intelligent. French Bulldogs are very social, which means they suffer when you leave them alone.


Beagles are very social, they love being around humans and dogs alike. But since they are scent dogs, they do end up going after various scents, and that can bring in a bit of trouble. That’s why you need to keep them on a leash most of the time.


All Poodles are small, but they are super cute and eager to please you. That alone makes them a really good option if you want a small pet. However, they do have some impressive grooming and maintenance requirements, so try to keep that in mind if you want such a pet.


The Rottweilers has been around since the Roman Empire period. That being said, they are very popular because they encompass a variety of traits like strength, endurance, and intelligence in a complete package. These dogs are known for being confident, calm and fearless.

Yorkshire Terriers

If you love smaller dogs, the Yorkshire Terriers can be the right option. They look amazing, but the downside is that you have to place a lot of care and attention into nurturing such a pet. Yet it’s well worth it in the end.

As you can see, Americans have various tastes when it comes to dog breeds. But these are by far some of the most popular ones that you can find out there. If you are interested in getting a new dog, then you might want to check this list. These breeds are fully adapted to the US climate and lifestyle, and that alone makes them a very good pick!


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